Chinese Foreign Minister reaches Sri Lanka on two-day visit from Maldives


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday discussed with Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa various issues, including tourism promotion, investment and the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. 

China and Sri Lanka are celebrating the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Wang is also a State Counselor. On Saturday, he arrived from the Maldives on a two-day visit. During his visit, he will meet the top leadership of Sri Lanka.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has said on Twitter that his meeting with Wang was better. 

“The meeting with the Foreign Minister of China was good. The return of Sri Lankan students to China was discussed. At the same time, talks were held on various issues including tourism, investment, relief to Sri Lanka from Covid-19 and post-coronavirus pandemic preparations,” h

e said.

Rajapaksa also thanked the Chinese government for its continued support to Sri Lanka. 

“I thank China and its people for their continued support of Sri Lanka. Our two countries are celebrating the 65th anniversary of bilateral relations. I hope that in the years to come this relationship will only grow and strengthen

,” he said


It is noteworthy that with the beginning of the new year, China’s efforts to establish dominance among India’s traditional allies in the South Asian region have intensified. 

Recently, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi assured the Mohammed Saleh government of the Maldives of support for infrastructure and social development there. It is to be noted that the Chinese Foreign Minister has also visited Eritrea, Kenya and Comoros.

In fact, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been a longtime supporter of China. However, his government has also indicated that it will look after the interests of India. On the other hand, China is constantly putting strings on India’s allies. 

According to sources, India is keeping a close eye on China’s growing interest in neighboring countries and countries in the Indian Ocean region.


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