Viral video: Man meets with rescued lioness after 7 years. What happens next will shock you

New Delhi:

There is nothing else that intrigues the internet as much as wildlife videos do. If you are an animal lover as well, a video posted by Facebook page The Kiwi will delight you for sure.

In the video, a man encounters a lioness, but people are stunned when the lioness doesn’t attack him but instead starts expressing love to him. Actually, the person seen in the video is a famous wildlife conservationist Kevin Richardson.

According to this video, Kevin meets a lioness in the Savannah forests that he rescued 7 years ago. But when he returned to meet the predator, the lioness recognized him immediately. At first the lioness looked at Kevin. It was as if she was trying to recognize him. She slowly followed his footsteps as if she was coming to hunt Kevin but as soon as she recognized him, she jumped towards him and started kissing him. He hugged Kevin in the water.

This video is quite shocking and people on social media are stunned to see it.  After being shared, the clip immediately went viral. People filled the comments section with heart emoticons. “This made me cry” one user wrote. Another comment reads, “this is so beautiful, i can watch it for the whole day”


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