Viral video: 'Diljala Aashiq' crashes wedding, puts sindoor on bride's head in front of groom. WATCH

New Delhi: 

Needless to say, Indian weddings are full of drama and unexpected twists and turns. During this wedding season, several hilarious stories of bride and groom have gone viral on the internet, amusing social media users. One such video has gone viral on Instagram, where an insane lover crashed a wedding and put Sindoor (vermillion) on the bride’s head while the couple was on standing on the stage to put garlands on each other.

The incident happened in Harpur, Budhat in Gorakhpur on December 1. The viral video shows the bride and groom standing on the stage surrounded by relatives. After some rituals, as the groom proceeds to put the varmaala on the bride, a man turns up. Covered in a scarf, the man smears sindoor on the bride’s forehead forcibly even when she tries to cover her face with her veil.  The family members standing near the couple grabbed the lunatic lover and some of the decoration was destroyed during this awkward scene.

According to media reports, Police were later called to the wedding venue to take the jilted lover away. The following day, the girl was married to the groom selected by her family, and the ex-lover was sent home.

Soon after the video was shared on social media, it went viral and was shared by multiple users. While several users found the clip hilarious, some of them questioned why the man could not accept a “No”.


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