These 10 most creative jobs will give wings to your imagination. Know all

New Delhi: Creative job requires good imagination and thinking which will help you to tackle things in a creative way. Creativity in work makes you excited every day to get new things done. However, it extends beyond the traditional work hours.

Here are top 10 career opportunities for creative professionals.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are very creative people with strong visual skills. The graphic designers create designs through special software for advertisements, magazines and websites. They create the designs with the goal of making the visual design look encouraging and attractive.

Interior Designer

Interior designers work on the designing of homes, businesses and industrial spaces. They make designs with computer programs or sketches to make customers understand the taste, as well as the functionality of a space, budget and aesthetics. Interior designers work along with architects, builders and engineers to design a particular space.

Video Game Designer

Video game designing is one of the creative and technical works which is growing and continuously expanding. Video game designers create the characters, storylines, character reactions and other aspects of a game. They need to work on codes using computer software and work with a team to develop a video game.


Advertising plays a very important role in every company. It is important for a company to do much more than manufacturing the product and providing the service to attract the target audience. To do marketing in the best way, advertising professionals help their clients reach their customers and establish a brand image in the market. Advertising professionals must be creative to stand out unique in this field.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists perform a very creative and colorful job as they can transform the client with their makeup skills for events like weddings, events, parties, etc. Artists who get professionals in the field earn higher wages. You can also be a celebrity makeup artist which will give you more wages.  However, it is important to have the proper knowledge and hands-on experience to be a make-up artist.  

Content writer

It is said if you are good at writing then ‘The sky is the limit’. Many Companies hire good content writers actively these days to write several types of content. You must be the Subject Matter Expert and have good knowledge of a particular field. A content writer can work with magazines, newspapers, entertainment websites, advertising agencies, publication houses, production houses, etc.

Event Planner

From conferences to big-fat weddings, event planner plays a very important role in every event. Before the big day, planners make the arrangement of all the logistics for food, decor, presenters, guests and technology to pull off a flawless event. 

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers create original designs for clothing, footwear, or other accessories. The professionals create their designs on software or sketch. The designers can give life to a piece of cloth by designing it in a way that will appeal to customers and retailers.

Film Director

Film directors are the main decision-makers in the filmmaking process. The director makes artists perform the shot as per the script’s demand. Not only this, film directors work on every phase of production, including writing, editing, lighting, scenery development and finalizing effects.


Architects plans and design houses, office buildings, factories and other structures. They plan the structure as per the client’s demand. To be an Architect, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in architecture and some experience through an internship.


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