Tesla New Software Update: Autonomous vehicles to get better than before

New Delhi: 

US based Company Tesla

started equipping its fleet of self-autonomous driving vehicles with new ‘software’ that allows the car to move on its own while traveling through the city.  

This new software, called FSD 10.6, provides improved object detection while driving the car and network visibility with 18.5% less error.  

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirms that FSD 10.6 will be released later this week, although it will affect its performance.

The company is gradually rolling out beta access for FSDs, which are currently being tested by a small fleet of Tesla owners selected by the company based on their safety scores. 

 This ‘software’ allows the vehicle to automatically drive to the path entered in the car’s navigation system, but it also requires the driver to be alert and ready to exercise control at all times.

There will be no doubt on the fault of the driver

 According to some websites, the company is starting to push a new version of the FSD beta with a security score of 98 and above for owners in the US. 

The company said the new update brings improved object detection network architecture for non-VRUs (e.g. car, truck, bus), while it offers 7 percent more recall, 16 percent less error and 21 percent less velocity error for crossing vehicles.

The privacy policy of FSD10.5 emphasizes that in the event of a collision, Tesla’s onboard computer vision will be used to help identify whether the driver was at fault.


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