Tesla Baby: World's FIRST baby born in Tesla EV on autopilot to hospital


Not the most usual of happenings, but we all have come across incidents when a woman in labour has given birth to a baby on a moving train or ambulance. Another such case has come to light, though it is a Tesla that played the cradle for a newborn in Pennsylvania, USA. Here a woman gave birth to a child in a moving Tesla car, having put it on auto-pilot. This incident is from the city of Philadelphia.

World’s first baby born in EV, on autopilot

An American couple went to drop their three-year-old son to school. Meanwhile, his car got stuck in traffic. It was very difficult to get the car out of the traffic. During this the lady, who was pregnant, started experiencing labour pain. After this her husband selected autopilot mode in the car and helped his wife deliver.

This is the first incident in the world, when a woman has given birth to a child in an autopilot car. However, people are also criticizing the couple for choosing an unsafe option on this important occasion. The American electric car maker was facing many criticisms regarding its Autopilot feature. This is definitely good news for Tesla at such a time.

Autopilot was taking the car to hospital

Let us tell you that Tesla’s Autopilot features car can run without the driver’s control. Therefore, when such a situation arose in front of the couple, he autopiloted the car. However, the navigation of the car was continuously taking him towards the nearest hospital. 

Which was about 20 minutes away. During this, the husband kept trying to help the wife by putting her hand on the steering wheel. However, by the time the car reached the hospital, the woman gave birth to a baby girl in the car itself.

Hospital nurses call the baby ‘Tesla baby’

After the birth of the baby, the car reached hospital in the next 20 minutes. Hospital nurses identified the baby as ‘The Tesla Baby’. According to the report, now both the woman and the child are completely safe. The couple was also contemplating to name their baby girl Tess, but later they changed the decision.


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