Rahul Gandhi attacks BJP; asks people to bring back HINDUS, throw out HINDUTVAVADIS who only want power


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, on Sunday, launched a scathing attack on the BJP-led Central government and said ‘Hindutvavadis’ only want power and they are in power since 2014 and urged people to throw Hindutvavadis out of power and bring back Hindus who follow the path of truth.

Speaking at the Mehangai Hatao Rally in Jaipur, the Wayanad MP said, “Hindutvavadis spend their entire life in search of power. They want nothing but power and can do anything for it. They follow the path of ‘Sattagrah’ (search of power), not ‘Satyagrah’ (search of truth). This country is of Hindus, not of Hindutvavadis.” 

“Hindutvavadis only want power and they are in power since 2014. We need to throw,” he said.

“Who is Hindu? The one who embraces everybody fears nobody, and respects every religion, while a Hindutvavadi bow down before his fear,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“In Indian politics today, there is a competition between two worlds — ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindutvavadi’. The two words have different meanings. I am Hindu but not Hindutvavadi… Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu but Godse was Hindutavadi,” he added.

Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi and party leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra were also present at the Jaipur rally.

Speaking earlier, the Congress General Secretary had alleged that the BJP-led Centre was selling everything created by Congress.

“When you elected them (BJP), you laid your trust in them that the country will progress. They used to say that Congress did not do anything in the past 70 years. But I want to ask them, what did you do in the last seven years? Show us one institution that you built for education, one AIIMS that you built for the healthcare system. The airport that you use to fly was also built by Congress. Today the government wants to sell everything that Congress made to its friends,” she alleged.

Rajasthan Assembly polls are slated to be held in 2023. (ANI)


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