Prof. Tissa Vitarana rebutted by Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Forum

The Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Forum of Sri Lanka has strongly rebutted Prof. Tissa Vitarana’s assertion (Sunday Island Dec. 12) that ” I am reluctant to support the government policy of persisting with new mRNA vaccines (which have not been used before in humans). This is a pure genetic material which is less stable than DNA and is capable of bringing about various undesirable changes within the genetic material in our body cells.”

“This is a false statement and that there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to prove that any RNA material from a vaccine is incorporated in to our genome,” Dr. H.T. Wickremasinghe, Consultant Paediatrician and President of the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Forum, said in a letter to this newspaper.

“This statement could create confusion among the public and it could jeopardize the government’s efforts to vaccinate adults and children, in order to provide protection against this deadly virus.

“The Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Forum of Sri Lanka assures the safety of these vaccines for the use of humans including children. “

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