No, Donald Trump Did Not Send That Phallic Christmas Card

A very questionable Christmas card purportedly sent by Donald Trump had the internet in stitches on Monday — with many believing it came from the former President himself.

The shoddily-Photoshopped image, featuring a scowling DJT, began circulating on Twitter as his “official” annual holiday greeting, and quickly became a top trending topic.

It boasted a black and white Trump — bearing a grimace that would put Ebenezer Scrooge to shame — in the foreground, with family members (some of them, anyway) floating as baubles above.

Thousands of retweets expressed bewilderment at the horrendous Xmas card, from the fact that the President continued to insist on calling Mar-a-Lago the “Winter White House”, that he hung daughter Ivanka’s bauble before wife Melania, and that he seemed to have forgotten to include youngest son Barron at all.

But most egregious of all was the outline of Trump’s apparently untucked shirt, which when coupled with the gift-spilling Santa’s sleigh right above his head, made for a very unfortunate image indeed.

Ice T summed up the internet’s confusion in a single tweet: “Ok…. This can’t be real. Lol I’m done.”

And as it turns out — it wasn’t.

The evidence was there; for one, the actual official Trump Christmas card is available on his website, and looks a tad more respectable:

Also, the original photo the picture was taken from the June 2019 Buckingham Palace banquet Trump shared with Queen Elizabeth; while his facial expression was legit, his dress shirt certainly seems to have been edited into that scrotus-potus look:

As usual, it fell to Snopes to officially debunk it.

“…no, this was not an official holiday item from the Trumps,” the fact-finding site determined. “It was a joke created and distributed by someone other than the Trump family whose identity we have not yet established.”

Also unconfirmed, but very likely true: whoever did create the Christmas card had a good ol’ laugh about the temporary mayhem they caused.

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