Marriage gimmick gone SHOCKINGLY wrong: WATCH Raipur couple falls as precariously placed swing breaks

New Delhi:

Marriages might be made in heaven, but they are arranged by people. Theme weddings have become a trend in the current times. Almost all marriage functions are being organised by event planners and we see the bride and groom entering the stage in a fashionable way either on swing, chariot, horse driven chariot among others. A shocking incident now happened at a wedding in Chhattisgarh’s capital Raipur where the to-be couple was entering the stage on an oval ring shaped swing and the harness controlling it fell from a height, leaving them injured. 

The video soon went viral. On Saturday, the couple, at their wedding in Telibandha, caught all attention as the guests were seeing them entering the stage balancing on a ring with fireworks on the sides. Back dancers were also performing as the couple was descending from a height. One of the sides holding the ring broke and the couple came down falling on the stage from around 12 feet high. 

People at the wedding started screaming and running towards the stage the moment the couple fell from the ring. However, the bride and the groom received minor injuries.

The event management company took the blame for the incident. The wedding rituals continued after around half an hour.


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