Little Girl goes Viral for expressing the anger of Liv fans after she was cheated by Lynch

New Delhi:

Liv Morgan was defeated by Becky Lynch in WWE Raw Women’s championship but surely, the former one won many hearts with her fierce fight.

Liv Morgan was ready to create history when she started, but unfortunately, it wasn’t her night on Tuesday. Her opponent definitely struggled to win against fierce Liv as she cheated to win the fight but, “this is not over” in Liv’s words.

The anger over Becky was clear in the hall and was well depicted by the little girl who was angry about the fight. The angry face of the Girl is going viral as she stands in a blue t-shirt to support her favourite fighter Liv and watches her being cheated to defeat. 

Twitter exploded with people sharing how she is depicting situations of every Liv fan. 

WWE wrote on its official Twitter account, “Same, Liv Girl. Same”

Here are some moments from the fight:-


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