Infected Bengaluru doctor is a study in Omicron symptoms. His words are encouraging...

New Delhi: 

The Bengaluru doctor, one of the India’s first Omicron cases, on Tuesday said that the new variant of the virus has non-respiratory symptoms and that he just had mild body aches and  slight fever. 

The 46-year-old Bengaluru doctor has tested COVID-19 positive for the second. Talking to NDTV on condition of anonymity, he said as per the mandate issued by the Health Ministry, he took RT-PCR test after seven days from his last test, and the result came positive for coronavirus again. 

Talking about his health condition, the doctor, a resident of Bommanahalli and working at a hospital on Bannerghatta Road said, “I am feeling alright now. Almost near to normal. I do not have a single symptom. I am perfectly alright now.”

He said on November 21, after have mild body pain, chill and slight fever, I isolated myself in a room and did not come in contact with any of my family member. “

The doctor further said he got himself tested the next morning and took both RAT and RT-PCR tests and the results came positive. 

“For three days I was at home, but then I started feeling giddy might be due to dehydration. I got myself admitted to hospital,” he said.

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Did Bengaluru doctor ever recover from Omicron? Tests COVID-19 positive again!

Speaking further, the Bengaluru doctor said his oxygen saturation was 96-97, despite that he got himself admitted to hospital as he did not want to take any chance. 

He was treated with monoclonal antibody on the same day and he did not have any symptom the next day. 

He then said, “Yesterday (Monday, December 6) my RT-PCR came positive again. Usually, it will take about two weeks to get negative.”

When asked if he had treated any COVID patient through which he might have been infected, the doctors said, “I was regularly going to the hospital, but I don’t know from where I got Omicron virus. I don’t have any idea about. Probably I might have come in contact with a patient who had a travel history.” 

Talking about what all symptoms he showed or difficulties he faced when he tested Omicron positive, the Bengaluru doctor said, “I didn’t have any symptom right from the time I tested positive. There is nothing to worry. Previous COVID-19 strain that we had, had more of respiratory symptoms. Now, what I have are non-respiratory symptoms, more of a mild fever, body ache. Respiratory symptoms are very less. There was no cough and cold.”   

The doctor will now be in hospital and will be kept under observation. He would get discharged from the hospital after his COVID-19 test report comes negative. 


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