GID reports increase in AIDS cases

The Government Information Department (GID) says the number of AIDS cases in Sri Lanka has been increasing over the past few years compared to the number in other countries.

The GID issued the statement on the World AIDS Day that fell on December 1. In 2020, 363 AIDS infected patients had been reported in Sri Lanka. The number in 2019 was 439. The number in 2020 has dropped significantly compared to the number in 2019 because a few AIDS tests had been carried out in this year as a result of travel restrictions.

Unprotected sex has been identified as one of the main forms of AIDS transmission in Sri Lanka.

There has also been a significant increase in HIV reports due to homosexuality in recent years. According to the statement, the majority of reported cases are among men.

However, due to the available treatments, AIDS has become a long-term disease that can be controlled.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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