Gangster hacked to death in Hikkaduwa

A gangster who was known as a close associate of underworld gang leader Makandure Madush was found hacked to death at Milla in Hikkaduwa on Monday morning, Hikkaduwa police said.

The victim was identified as Thuiyadura Roshan de Silva alias Kudu Roshan, (34), a resident of Munugoda Road, Kalupe, Meetiyagoda.

It has been revealed that the victim was a close associate of Makadure Madush, who was imprisoned in connection with the murder of an underworld gang member named Samayan at Ranale in Kalutara and a wanted suspect by the police in connection with the murder of a man in Meetiyagoda on July 1 this year. Police say that he had left his house in Hikkaduwa last night saying that he was going to attend a party held at a friend’s house where he had been hacked to death. Hikkaduwa police are investigating.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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