EDB spent Rs.340 mn on hotels in unfruitful programme

An audit has revealed that the Sri Lanka Export Development Board spent over Rs.340 million from 2017 to 2019 during the last government period on the programme to transform 2,000 entrepreneurs into new exporters. The audit also revealed that in selecting venues for the programmes, the private sector institutions had been invited to bid and there was no such invitation to government institutions and that the relevant programmes had been conducted in six hotels at a cost of over Rs.30 million.

The relevant audit report states that although it was stated in the Board Memorandum No. 20/03/2017 that a Governing Committee should be appointed to implement the said programme, no such action had been taken.

The audit also revealed that Rs.299,500 had been wasted on food, accommodation and stalls for the programme held in Matara due to improper procurement. The audit also states that Rs.57,900 has been spent on food during the programme held in Kurunegala without proper estimates.

The audit also revealed that Rs.215,900 had been spent on these programmes in excess of the estimated cost.

The programme was to attract 2,000 new entrepreneurs, but only 155 participated in 2017 to 2019, according to the audit report.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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