Cryptocurrency Prices today on December 20: Global market capitalisation falls in 24 hrs

New Delhi: 

Not just global economies, but even cryptocurrencies witnessed a slight plunge in market capitalisation on Monday. 

The global crypto market capitalisation fell by 0.21% in the last 24 hours to stand at $2.19 trillion. The total cryptocurrency trading volume over the last 24 hours was $77.97 billion, falling by 0.36 percent. 

Bitcoin, currently trading at $46,627.84, witnessed market rise of by about 0.02% over the last 24 hours, to stand at 40.24%.

While DeFi accounted for 13.62% of the total crypto volume at $10.62 billion, stablecoins accounted for 77.66% at $60.56 billion.

Globally, Bitcoin went up slightly by 0.18% to trade at Rs 37,34,081; Ethereum went up 0.38% trading at Rs 3,14,199; Cardano fell by 1.44% at Rs 99.05; Avalanche tumbled by 5.92% at Rs 8,601.80; Polkadot at Rs 1,997.96 plummetted by 1.04%. Litecoin trading at Rs 12,332.59, posted an increase of 4.12% in last 24 hours.

Memecoin SHIB dipped by 2.47%; DOGE declined by 1.09%. 

There has been a lot of heated debate in India over cryptocurrencies and whether they can be legalised or no. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had recently said it favoured a complete ban on cryptocurrencies as it posed serious concerns for macroeconomic and financial stability. 


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