Aitken Spence Logistics expands its reefer & GP container fleet

Aitken Spence Logistics, the pioneer in integrated logistics, strengthened its mobile storage solutions operations by acquiring the reefer and GP (General Purpose) container fleet of a competitor business.

Aitken Spence Logistics introduced the concept of mobile cold storage solutions using reefer containers on rent, with 24-hour backup maintenance which has been widely accepted by the food and beverage industry and renting of GP containers for storage of dry & general cargo as a cost effective, convenient and flexible means of storage. Over the years, the company continued to expand its fleet and is currently the market leader in the industry with a large, diversified client base. With this acquisition, Aitken Spence Logistics further strengthened the undisputed market leadership position of its Mobile Storage Solutions (MSS) operations.

The existing client base pertaining to the container fleet was also acquired by Aitken Spence Logistics as part of the acquisition, adding more value to the investment. The trust bestowed upon the Aitken Spence Logistics brand has certainly increased with more clients adding on to the business where the company is further committed to deliver its service promise.

At a time where storage solutions are high in demand, Aitken Spence Logistics has always been a strong source of support in the realm of supply chain to a unique base of local businesses, predominantly in the food and beverage industry. Poultry, dry fish and vegetables are some of the main commodities stored in the Reefer containers; therefore, reliability of these units is of paramount importance. As such, the company has strengthened its focus on regular servicing of the Reefer units ensuring their fitness to store perishable goods. Aitken Spence Logistics is also committed to round the clock technical support, despite the location of the Reefer container, ensuring a rectification within 24 hours.

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