'Aitbaar' song hits two million, singer-performer Kawal Deep Kour feels overwhelmed

New Delhi: 

The hit Punjabi song ‘Aitbaar’ sung by Kawal Deep Kour, who hails from Assam and her husband Surinder Singh has crossed two million views. These two were recently in the capital and were here to celebrate the success of their song and to meet the audience.

She is a Ph.D. in ‘Intoxicants and Intoxication’, from IIT Guwahati and is also a former civil servant. Her love for music was always present in her heart, all it needed was some time and opportunity to come to the fore.

While talking exclusively with News24, Kawal opened up about her struggle and journey of the hit song and has spilled many beans. When asked about the idea of the song, after having a successful job and a great working NGO, how did they decide to suddenly record a song, she said, ” I always was fond of singing, it wasn’t sudden it was my passion since the start. Talking about the journey, all the credit will go to my husband, he supported me a lot, pushed me into doing this and made me what I am today. He has been my support, my mentor, my encouragement and I owe it all to him.” 

The debut song hits two million and Kawal is overwhelmed with the response. Talking about it, she said, “We are receiving much appreciation, love and it feels too good. I am overwhelmed with the response… I knew it will do good as we made the song with a lot of love and am really glad that the response came positive.”

Kawal and Surinder are husband and wife in real life and have shown great chemistry in reel one as well. Kour opened up about her experience of working with her hubby and said, “Our choreographer was very exhausted as it was very difficult for us to learn the steps but we did manage to do it. The best part was that he told us to just forget the choreo and perform naturally, that was fun and we loved it, we enjoyed that moment a lot.”

The music video ‘Aitbaar’ was shot at Neemrana, and it took about 15 days for the shoot to wrap up, but the music video took almost 3 days to complete, from dancing to rehearsing.


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