Adam Rippon & Fiance Jussi-Pekka Kajaala Finally Reunite After Years Of Dating Long Distance

In a post to Instagram on Monday December 20, Adam Rippon revealed that his long time fiance, Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, had finally made the move from Finland to Los Angeles for good.

“After over a year a [sic] waiting my beautiful fiancé has finally moved to LA,” Rippon captioned a carousel of images. “To celebrate I’m dressed as a mid level real-estate agent from Peoria, AZ.”

The photos featured the couple kissing as a skywriter drew a heart in the sky and grinning ear-to-ear while Rippon wore a black and white printed button up and Kajaala donned a sleek black leather coat.

Back in 2018, the couple met on Tinder and their relationship began when they both swiped right. Since then Rippon and Kajaala had dated long distance for three years before getting engaged earlier this year in February.

The pair proposed to one another in Kajaala’s home country of Finland and waited a year before he made the permanent move to Los Angeles.

“I’m excited to marry JP because he’s just the best,” Rippon told People Magazine at the time. “He’s kind, he’s funny, and he’s just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the out (which is a lot). He’s my cheerleader and I’m his. I just love him a lot.”

“We did everything together. We bought the rings together and picked them up at the same time. I really wanted us to have rings from Finland,” he continued and shared that the couple had gotten down on one knee at the same time to propose to each other.

“I thought it would be fun to have a little piece of Finland with us all the time as JP is getting ready to move to Los Angeles hopefully by the end of the year.”

The former olympic figure skater also took to Instagram to celebrate his engagement and shared a series of photos that included the couple drinking champagne in bed and Rippon celebrating with a glass in the bathtub.

At the time he captioned the post, “JP and I didn’t get to see each other for almost all of 2020 because of the pandemic. When there was finally a chance for me to go and see him in Finland, I jumped at it. I was there for a little over two months.”

“While I was there, I would tell him about five million jokes that I would want to pitch during my 5 hour zoom meetings for our NBC comedy. And he would drive me into the Finnish forest where I would attempt to try and “help” him shovel snow so he could keep working on the cottage he’s building.”

“So, in between all that and binging the entire 4 seasons of The Crown, we bought ourselves some rings and said that magic word.. “duh!” We got ~*engaged*~” he concluded.

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