Viral video of girl kissing pet snake leaves netizens surprised. WATCH

New Delhi: 

Are you frightened at the sight of snakes? The sight of slithering snakes may scare many people. But now a video has gone viral in which a girl had a snake as a pet. However, the bizarre part was that she was actually kissing and cuddling with it.

In the viral clip, the girl could be seen chilling on a couch with her pet snake, which was lying on top of her. When the snake’s tiny head was near the girl’s mouth, she placed a kiss on its chin. As soon as she kissed, its mouth opened in surprise. The girl also imitated the snake’s shocked face.

The clip was shared on Instagram by the user ‘royal_pythons’ with the caption,“Love my snake!”. The video has received more than 9K likes.

The video prompted several reactions from netizens. While some people absolutely adored it, some were plain terrified.

A user said, “It’s called tasting dinner.” While another wrote, “A snake is a snake! I don’t play like that!”


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