Vigilante Known as 'Stockton Batman' Claims He Apprehended Double Murder Suspect

The vigilante boasts of nabbing hundreds of bad guys, from suspected arsonists to shoplifters.

The vigilante known as the Stockton Batman appears to have added another notch to his utility belt.

The mysterious figure, who claims to have nabbed hundreds of criminals in the mid-California city, may have made his biggest collar yet with the apprehension of a double murder suspect.

On November 16, a video posted by local news site 209 Times — narrated by the presumably-caped crusader himself — shows the moment the blood-covered suspect is taken into custody in Salas Park:

“So I was doing my own investigation this morning,” the disappointingly non-gravel voiced narrator explains in the video. “A double homicide came over the scanner, right after I dropped the kids off to school. And so I checked it out.”

Displaying his skills as the world’s other “greatest detective”, Stockton Batman describes how he found suspicious items, like clothing in the bathroom trashcan, while his wife found “something heavy” in the trashcan of the women’s bathroom.

“And then we see this guy wobbling with blood on him. And he’s acting real funny and suspicious about what’s going on.”

In a second video, titled “‘Bruce Wayne’ Detains Possible Double Homicide Suspect in Lodi”, Stockton Batman reveals he recognized the transient from his Rogue’s Gallery, because he used to pick up cigarette butts in front of his yard:

Noticing possible knife wounds to his leg and hands, Stockton Batman said he immediately called police and detained the suspect until officers arrived.

According to Lodi Police, on the morning of November 16 they received reports of two stabbing victims laying near the railroad tracks north of Harney Lane; they arrived and found a 16-year-old female and a 17-year-old male, both dead.

Shortly afterward, they said they received reports of a possible third stabbing victim at Salas Park; there they found 29-year-old Randall Allenbaugh, who they quickly determined was the suspect responsible for the double homicide:

They said the two victims and the suspect all knew each other.

They did not, however, credit Stockton Batman. TooFab has reached out for comment.

The coroner’s office later identified the victims as 17-year-old Skyler McConnell and 16-year-old Chimera Skaggs, KTXL reported.

Allenbaugh appeared in court on Thursday, arraigned on two charges of homicide. He was denied bail by the judge.

According to the outlet, Allenbaugh served in the Army as an infantryman from October 2011 to November 2013, holding the rank of private. He did not have any deployments.

Police have yet to reveal a motive.

Stockton Batman, meanwhile, vanished into the night, his work done, his identity still a mystery.

In July of 2018, CBS13 scored an interview with the enigmatic vigilante, right after he busted someone allegedly smoking crystal meth outside a busy 99 Cents Only store.

With his name and face masked, he told the outlet he had nabbed hundreds of bad guys, from suspected arsonists to shoplifters, at the same Stockton Shopping Center.

“They’re criminals in to which point they’re committing crimes in front of my eyes,” he said.

“I grew up in Stockton and things weren’t always this bad when I was a child,” he scowled. “I can run around and play.”

While Stockton residents were glad of the extra layer of protection, police pointed out that although citizen’s arrests are perfectly legal in California, they prefer the public to call 911 and let them handle it.

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