Taylor Swift Fan-Girls After 'Red (Taylor's Version)' Gets Endorsed by 'Mr. Feeny'

“And as you know all too well, believe in yourself, dream, try, do good.”

Mr. Feeny just came out as a Swiftie on his granddaughter’s TikTok.

Mr. Feeny, played by William Daniels on ABC’s “Boy Meets World”, officially endorsed the highly-anticipated rerecording of “Red (Taylor’s Version)” on his granddaughter Grace’s TikTok account — and Taylor Swift is freaking out.

The 11-time Grammy Award winner commented: “My brother and I are FREAKING OUT, we’re huge fans!!! This is so awesome. Thank you! And thank you Grace!!!”

The 94-year-old actor sat in a chair dressed in a red flannel shirt in the short vid and told his granddaughter’s followers, “Hello it’s Bill Daniels. You know, some things get better with age, like the wisdom of Mr. Feeny.”

“So, I’m here to tell you to listen to the new and better “Red” by Taylor Swift, mostly based on the recommendation of my granddaughter Grace,” he continued with a smile and reminded fans of one of Mr. Feeny’s most iconic lines all while referencing the album. “And as you know all too well, believe in yourself, dream, try, do good.”

Since it’s posting, the TikTok has amassed more than two million views, with Grace later informing followers that “Feeny is a Swiftie and a One Direction fan, and that is because I am a Swiftie and a One Direction fan.”

Swift released the re-recording of her Grammy-nominated album “Red” on November 12, which originally dropped in 2012. After Scooter Braun purchased the rights to her masters back in 2019, effectively controlling most of her work, Swift committed to re-recording her first six albums in an effort to reclaim it.

In November 2020 she released a statement to Twitter that read, “I want to check in and update you guys. As you know, for the past year I’ve been actively trying to regain ownership of my master recordings. With that goal in mind, my team attempted to enter into negotiations with Scooter Braun.”

“I have recently begun re-recording my older music and it has already proven to be both exciting and creatively fulfilling,” she continued. “I have plenty of surprises in store. I want to thank you guys for supporting me through this ongoing saga, and I can’t wait for you to hear what I’ve been dreaming up.”

Taylor released her first re-recorded album, “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” in April.

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