Reservoirs’ water levels rises rapidly

The water level of the Gin Ganga, Nilwala Ganga , Maha Oya, Attanagalu Oya and Kuda Ganga are currently rising to ‘Minor Flood Level’.

In the meantime, Kelani River, Gurugoda Oya, Kalu Ganga, Maguru Ganga, Nilwala Ganga, Mahaweli Ganga, Malwathu Oya too have reached ‘Alert levels’ at N’ Street, Hanwella, Glencourse, Holombuwa, Putupaula, Ratnapura, Magura, Panadugama, Peradeniya, Tantirimale areas due to the prevailing heavy rainfall, stated the Disaster Management Center.

Accordingly, the people living in low-level areas of these rivers have been advised to move to safer locations due to the threat of floods.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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