Opposition’s plan to use new normalization only for protests and demonstrations unfortunate - President

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has stated that he did not expect the Opposition to oppose everything but to support what’s right for the future of the country.

The country has been opened up and all activities have commenced under the new normalization. But there is a risk of the COVID-19 spreading again due to various activities including protests and demonstrations. This situation could lead to the country being shut down again. President Rajapaksa said that the Opposition should realize the serious damage this could do to the people and the economy.

The President made these remarks addressing a function held at Temple Trees yesterday (10) to mark National Science Day and the Science Week held in Sri Lanka in parallel to the World Science Day.

“Two years have passed in my tenure. During that time the Government had to play a huge role to protect the people from COVID-19. The then rulers, the Opposition should understand this situation. Due to the weaknesses and failures of their five years in power, the people elected me as the President. But today it is unfortunate to see that the Opposition is behaving like a group that didn’t have power ever before. Taking steps to change this situation is a present need of the country for its future,” the President said.

“The impact of science and technology can be seen in every field in today’s world. Without new technological know-how, future generations will not be able to face the challenges of the modern world. Recognizing this, the President emphasized the urgent need for educational reforms to build a future generation equipped with advanced technology.

In 2001, UNESCO declared November 10 of each year as World Science Day for Peace and Development. Sri Lanka has been celebrating this day every year since 2004. A Science Week has been declared to coincide with the celebration of Science Day this year.

Technology and innovation in the country has experienced a revival due to the Government’s implementation of the programme aimed at a technology-based society in accordance with the “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” policy statement. As a result, Sri Lanka which was ranked 101st in the Global Innovation Index 2020 was ranked 95th out of 132 countries in 2021.

Minister Namal Rajapaksa presented the “Dasis Awards” to the winners of the Innovation Competition which was annually organised by the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission.

The audience was also briefed on the features of the “Oxygen Concentrator” machine manufactured by the National Engineering Research & Development Centre of Sri Lanka.

The State Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational Education, Research and Innovation has made plans to set up innovative laboratories in 1,500 schools islandwide. Symbolizing this initiative, the President presented cheques and school equipment to nine schools selected at the provincial level.

Skills Development, Vocational Education, Research & Innovation State Minister Seetha Arambepola stated that as a nation advancing with a scientific basis, science should be made the right of every citizen or else the myth will reign.

In his speech, Minister Namal Rajapaksa pointed out the potential to strengthen the country’s economy by encouraging inventors and to make the public service more efficient by using new technology. The Minister also spoke about future programmes to make public services more efficient such as e-Grama Seva Scheme and the digital identity card.

Minister of State Vijitha Berugoda, Ambassadors and Foreign Representatives, Secretaries to the Ministries and other Officials were also present.


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