Kamal Haasan: Birthday boy was a 'lover boy' too

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Born on November 7, 1954, Kamal Haasan has made a strong mark in the entertainment world. He has dominated not only the South Indian industry but also has a huge fan base in Bollywood. Apart from being a great actor, Kamal is also a director, screenwriter, producer, playback singer. At the same time, after earning a name in films, he has also become a politician. 

Kamal Haasan won the National Award for the film ‘Moondram Pirai’. As much as the actor is shown amazingly on-screen, his personal life has been discussed as much as well. Love came many times in Kamal Haasan’s life but his relationship with anyone did not last very long. Apart from Sarika, Gautami Tadimalla had also come into his life, but their 13-year relationship broke too.

First of all, Kamal married Vani Ganapathy in the year 1978. Vani was 24 years older than him, although this relationship did not last long and after ten years both of them decided to separate from each other. It is said that Sarika was the reason for the separation from Vani. With Sarika’s entry into films, she entered Kamal Haasan’s life as well.

Kamal and Sarika were in a live-in relationship for a long time. Sarika got pregnant during this, after which the actor married her. Sarika gave birth to daughter Shruti Haasan who is also an actress today, while daughter Akshara Haasan came to the world years later their marriage and she is also following the same career path.

However, Kamal’s relationship with Sarika did not last long. In the year 2002, he got divorced from Sarika and both of them separated from each other. Apart from these two marriages, Haasan also had two affairs, which remained in a lot of discussions and created controversies. Kamal Haasan dated actress Simran Bagga, 22 years younger than him. The relationship didn’t go well and later, Simran married his childhood friend.

He also dated Gautami Tadimalla, who had written in a blog after separating from Kamal Haasan that she is very upset that it happened. The decision to part ways after being together for so long is one of the toughest decisions of their lives. However, to date, the reason for Kamal and Gautami’s separation has not been revealed.


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