K9 Outsourcing unleashes potential of the Sri Lankan work force

On a mission to empower the Sri Lankan workforce, K9 Outsourcing, a member of the Ceilao Logistics Group Pvt Ltd and based in Australia, transcends geographical boundaries with innovation and technological supremacy at its forefront.

“We are a talent acquiring partner, offering talented, dedicated staff from Sri Lanka to ensure maximum efficiency with minimum cost, no matter where the location is,” states its broad vision in an era when the world is on a growth trajectory in the sphere of digitalisation.

Managing Director, K9 Outsourcing, Anuja Fernando, who recently migrated to Australia, said “I’m extremely proud to build bridges, strengthen bilateral agreements, and create opportunities for the Australian diaspora to support their fellow Sri Lankans”.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created opportunities in the Sri Lankan marketplace. Given the current scenario, all businesses across the globe are on the quest to remain financially viable and operationally sustainable. Managing costs during this global crisis is critical. While many businesses were forced to reduce employment, K9 Outsourcing has been established to provide cost effective, dedicated Sri Lankan talent to the Australian market while supporting sustainable employment opportunities to Sri Lankans. With a highly skilled workforce and a cost-competitive business environment, Sri Lanka is emerging as a hidden gem for outsourcing.

“K9 outsourcing is a network built, with carefully chosen individuals who are motivated by goals and driven by results. Whether you are on a hunt for outgoing and qualified sales staff to engage in your workforce or searching for a network of professionals for your team, we have them all”, Fernando added.

K9 Outsourcing makes working from home viable with facilities ranging from dedicated workspaces, best ergonomic chairs, laptops, 24/7 WIFI with dedicated phone lines, ambient lighting, 8hrs UPS, and headsets provided in addition to attractive remuneration.

Ensuring professionalism in all areas, the K9 team is knit together with a force of individuals who have over 30+ years of experience individually in the corporate business environment engaging in diversified trades. The powerful collaboration provides a multi-faceted range of business strategies in areas of leadership, marketing, communications, customer sales and services, talent management, human resources and management.

Sri Lanka offers a unique mix of extremely low costs, in fact among the lowest anywhere, combined with a highly educated, English-speaking population with sophisticated technical skills, and a business environment and infrastructure that are superior to most low-cost countries.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home for many, seemed like a perk limited to freelancers and not a privilege accessible to others. Yet, K9 has optimised on the current trend with almost all services being forced to digitise, making it the go-to platform for broader prospective career pathways in the progressive future.

The first IT and BPO companies established operations in Sri Lanka as far back as the 1980s. Today, more than 300 IT and BPO companies have operations in Sri Lanka, more than 60,000 people hold IT or BPO jobs, and the sector generates more than $400 million in exports. Several well-known international firms such as HSBC, IFS, Motorola, HP subsidiary MphasiS, RR Donnelley, and WNS have established R&D, IT, and BPO centres in Sri Lanka.


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