Hyundai's grand welcome to Grandeur on its 35th anniversary

New Delhi: 

Hyundai Motor Company is celebrating the 35th anniversary of its Grandeur car from 1986 by creating it again with a twist. It now obeying to all of the ultra-modern standards of technology.

The car looks straight out of the Cyberpunk 2077 videogame owing to its retro design. There have been subtle changes – updated side mirrors, covered wheels, side cladding, and pixel-style LED headlights and tail lights – enough to make the car sufficiently futuristic.

This EV comes in black, with dark windows. The bit of chrome completing on the side cladding as well as grille, without which the car would have looked far more thrilling than it already does.

Hyundai’s design team has made sure that the insider are every bit as classy and luxurious as the car’s exterior may lead one to believe.

A ‘Newtro (newness + retro) concept theme’ is followed by the interior just like the exterior. There is a bronze-colored lighting all-around complemented by burgundy velvet and Napa leather for the seats and the rest of the soft and a large display up-front to satisfy all the information and entertainment needs. Hyundai also stated that the car has been fitted with a ‘modern audiophile sound system’ comprised of 18-speakers, so there’s that.

The Hyundai Grandeur EV is a concept to display the company’s creativity and heritage. Fans who are looking forward to purchase one will have to wait for event of Hyundai changing its mind about it all and actually kickstarting the car’s mass production. 

Still, considering the response of the car received, it would not hurt to produce something like the Mercedes G-Class and Ford Bronco, both of which arguably are pinnacles of retro car design.

The Hyundai Heritage Series Grandeur EV was on display at Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang and will be moving to Seoul Motorstudio from November 16-21.


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