Fan Makes Bet to Jump in Ring With Little Wrestlers, Instantly Regrets It

Little wrestlers — BIG mistake.

A wrestling fan thought it would be funny to jump in the ring… and he was 100 percent right.

A TikTok video of the dare, titled “Little guys with big energy”, shared by his “friend” Cole, has already racked up 7.3million views within 24 hours of uploading.

“Made a bet with our friend to jump in the ring with the little wrestlers and this is what happened,” the creator explained.

The clip shows the unnamed pal, enjoying the action ringside at Extreme Midget Wrestling, when he decides he’s not quite close enough.

Adorned with a Luchador mask, he cements the pinky promise with Cole before making his way to the ring — and rolling in.

But the newcomer got mere milliseconds to bask in the limelight before two of the fighters immediately turn on him, landing a flurry of blows and kicks, booting him out of the ring as quickly as he got in.

He ends up facedown on the mat outside the ring — all while Cole laughs maniacally at his friend’s very brief wrestling bout.

“My buddy got kicked out,” Cole explained in the comments. “Bouncers thought it was hilarious because they knew we didn’t mean any harm and we told them it was a bet.”

In the parking lot outside, the video continued — and so did the laughter — as the now humiliated and demasked wannabe Luchador showed off the black eye he apparently picked up in his 12-second debut.

“You wouldn’t be a true friend if you didn’t encourage him to do that,” one commenter opined.

“Exactly,” agreed Cole.

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