Chennai tomato pricier than petrol, as costly as chicken


Tomato and other vegetable prices are skyrocketing in Tamil Nadu. Crop damage post incessant rains has led to less amount of vegetables reaching the markets or mandis. 

Tomato which is an essential ingredient for all delicacies as well as basic food items, but low arrival of stocks amid firm demand is pushing the selling price higher everyday. 

In Chennai, tomatoes are being sold at Rs. 160 per kilogram. Hyderabad on the other hand is hardly getting any stock of the vegetable.

The wholesale price of tomato is Chennai is over Rs. 110 per kilogram. 

A kilogram of cut chicken in Chennai is retailing at Rs. 160 per kg, while a liter of petrol is being sold at just over Rs. 100.

Most of tomatoes are cultivated from 58,000 hectares in Andhra Pradesh. But the biggest producers — Chittoor and Anantapur districts of Andhra Pradesh are worst affected by floods. The vegetable supplies are now arriving mostly from Solapur in Maharashtra, and Karnataka’s Chikbullapur.

As per reports, farmers across Tamil Nadu have faced crop losses of at least 50,000 hectares owing to heavy rains and flood last week.

With no sight in ease of price, Tamil Nadu government has decided to procure 15 metric tonnes (MT) of tomatoes from cooperatives and sell it to consumers in the market.

Not just tomatoes, other vegetables including capsicum and onions have also shot up. 


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