Virus-fighting air filter cabin will come in Honda's cars, will prevent all kinds of infection

New Delhi:

Honda Cars India on Tuesday announced that it will now introduce a new antivirus cabin air filter in its cars that will be able to block various harmful germs, allergens and even viruses that cause several diseases. can become. This will prove to be an important feature at a time when there is growing concern about germs and viruses.

The new cabin air filter has been made available across all Honda dealerships across the country for all the latest models of the company. Customers can get these fitted in their vehicles by visiting the dealership.

The new cabin air filter by Honda reduces the concentration of viral aerosol inside the vehicle’s cabin, which is achieved by its multi-layer design, four layers to be exact. The layers successfully filter, capture and compress harmful environmental gases as well as inorganic and organic particles and aerosols.

The first layer of the Honda Cabin Air Filter is coated with the active substance of leaf extract which is useful in neutralizing allergens and bacteria, while preventing them from getting into the cabin air. Another layer made of activated carbon absorbs harmful acidic gases, pollutants such as PM2.5 as well as particulate matter. Other layers are useful in capturing various viruses, ultra-fine aerosols, dust and pollen.

Often the virus is spread through droplets when a person sneezes, coughs or breathes. These can remain contagious on surfaces for hours or days, while any change in temperature or humidity can cause them to re-enter the air. This is when the cabin air filter captures viruses and inactivates them.

This is especially important as there is an increasing need to reduce concerns about cabin air quality. Rajesh Goel, Senior Vice President and Director – Marketing, Rajesh Goel said, “This anti-allergen and antivirus cabin air filter is a good example of Honda working with its suppliers towards delivering a product that Which improves the health and safety of the driver and co-occupants.” and Sales, Honda Cars India.


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