Sri Lanka pavilion shines through

Expo 2020 Dubai update

The Sri Lanka Pavilion continued to attract large numbers of visitors to Expo 2020 – result of the concerted efforts of Sri Lanka Tourism along with partners to date – Export Development Board, Ceylon Tea Board, Sri Lankan Airlines, Consulate of Dubai and with the excellent and willing corporation of the Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

EXPO 2020 DUBAI, a prestigious global event commenced on 1st October and will run until 31st March 2022. Situated across 438 hectare area, that is around 1083 acres, of desert land held with the participation of 192 countries under the thematic districts of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability and the Sri Lanka Pavilion positioned in the ‘Opportunity District’ of the Expo Village. The space allocated is a 212 sq meter area, assigned free of charge, by Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Sri Lanka Pavilion is built on a design concept given by a team from the Moratuwa University, which won the design award selected and awarded by expo officials. This was when the Export Development Board (EDB) was taking the lead, from 2018, in representing Sri Lanka at Expo 2020. Based on the design and approvals from the Organisers of Expo 2020 Dubai the pavilion showcases the hydraulic civilization of Sri Lanka and is being presented in a manner to attract tourists to the Island. In a visual journey keeping in mind the unique position of Sri Lanka as an authentic, compact and diverse destination. Silent display screens take visitors on a journey through history, culture, nature, people, and the many facets of a visit to the Island will entail, through the medium of storytelling, via video and digital content. This has been successfully achieved while retaining the essential features of the design. Some features of the design aspect have had to be adjusted to keep with climatic and health and safety conditions of the location of Expo 2020; it has not resulted in any additional cost to Sri Lanka. The entire pavilion construction was facilitated at zero cost to Sri Lanka courtesy of Expo 2020 Dubai.

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