Prepared to tackle China, says senior Indian Army officer at LAC in Arunachal

New Delhi:

The Indian Army has asserted that it is prepared to tackle the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China and prevent the Chinese from taking over India’s land.

The adversaries can’t surprise the Indian Army on the Arunachal Pradesh border, a senior Indian Army officer informed asserting that surveillance and technological capabilities have helped the forces to keep a ‘hawk-eye’ on the border areas.

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“We are creating more transparency through the use of technology, the fusion of an array of sensors including ground-based and air-based sensors, a network of radars and unmanned systems,” Major General Zubin Minwalla, General-Officer-Commanding of the 5 Mountain Division said.

“The adversary cannot surprise us. We are confident of what our goal is and we are not going to be surprised by them,” he added.

Talking about the Indian Army’s vision in the region, Major General Minwalla also said that enhancing technical capabilities and improving road infrastructure is the major goal.

“We are following an approach of confidence in dealing with any possible situation. The Indian Army’s focus has been on maintaining the sovereignty of the land,” he added.


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Remarking about the momentum towards infrastructure, the senior official informed that the government is also working on connecting Tawang with a railway network as part of a decision to enhance infrastructure in the region.

While eastern Ladakh is the focus of the current round of border tensions between India and China, the Indian Army is also keeping a strict vigil on the eastern front.

“We are employing technology in a big way to boost our awareness of the situation. It allows us to do away with the need to push troops to forward areas in peacetime,” the senior official added.

Meanwhile, ANI also visited the surveillance Center of the Indian army and witnessed 24×7 tracking of any development. Talking about the Center, Indian army official informed that it is an important part of Morden Warfare and one can keep surveillance about the activity of the enemy and can also make plans and execute it properly.

The official also stated that the equipment has the all-weather capability and strong surveillance is a big ‘game-changer.’

Airspace control Centre is also stationed which is meant to do surveillance of aircraft and keep an eye on the enemy as well.

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Deputy Commander of the Aviation Brigade Colonel Navneet Chail also told ANI, “This is a new raising brigade for the eastern sector, which has just come up, we are just about six months old, and we have established our core air space control centre for the first time in the forward area.”

The main aim of this control center is that to track the movement and allow the operations to go seamlessly 24 x7.


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