Kris Jenner Brings Cruella to Ellen, Talks Kourtney's Engagement, Kim's Met Gala Look and SNL Debut

“She was on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and couldn’t put two steps together,” says Jenner. “So now she’s on another really major show and I was a bit nervous.”

It seems as if the Kardashians have been busier than ever since wrapping their hit reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on E!, and Kris Jenner was more than happy to break down some of their recent highlights on “Ellen.”

The longtime friend of DeGeneres dropped in with just one day’s notice, allowing Ellen’s makeup team to bring to life an iconic costume that she’s actually worn before when her kids were much, much younger. She may have also made a somewhat questionable choice at the time, considering Cruella de Vil’s story.

“One year, I came as Cruella de Vil and I made all my kids be the dogs,” she shared, after a beat asking Ellen, “Is that wrong?”

Without hesitation, Ellen countered, “Kind of.”

“Yeah, I know. But they were little enough, they did what I said,” Kris replied. “It was really cute.”

That got them talking about costumes, which of course brings everyone’s mind to Kim’s crazy all-black ensemble she wore at the Met Gala. According to Kris, though, it was even more outrageous than it looked from the outside, because Kim couldn’t see a thing from the inside.

“The whole evening of the Met Ball, Kim couldn’t see and she couldn’t breathe,” Kris said. “So my boyfriend Corey [Gamble] was walking around– we were all together and he was leading her to where we were supposed to go and helping with her ponytail. Suddenly he was somebody pulling her around and a hairstylist all at the same time.”

She also spoke briefly about Kim’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” sharing that the reality star actually cleared every single joke she told about the Kardashians — and it was a lot of jokes about everyone — with each member of the family.

Nevertheless, the momager was worried before the show began. “My daughter, I love her so much, but she was on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and couldn’t put two steps together,” she said of Kim’s disastrous 2008 turn on the ABC series, where she was eliminated third of all contestants.

“So now she’s on another really major show and I was a bit nervous thinking, please, let’s go back to dancing,” Kris joked. Ultimately, though, Kim fared pretty well, with most agreeing that she was a competent host and the extensive self-deprecating humor worked to her favor.

“The things that she said, the jokes she told were so obviously silly to us as a family that it was just worth mentioning and making fun of,” Kris told Ellen. “You know, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, obviously. We know how to be in on the joke and have a good time.”

Kris was also in on that elaborate proposal that surprised the world when Travis Barker bought out all the roses on the West Coast for a stunningly gorgeous visual for his beach-side proposal. Kris joked that those staying at the hotel probably thought it was “The Bachelorette” setting up a shot or something.

Clearly a huge fan of Travis and how in love he clearly is with her daughter, Kris joked, “They’re the cutest couple, they’re so in love. They let us know they’re so in love — constantly.”

Truly, Kourtney and Travis can’t seem to get enough of one another, or off of one another. “How does it feel when they’re next to you making out and practically having sex?” Ellen asked Kris. “I mean, you’re cool but what does that feel like being next to it?”

“Well, you feel like they’re the only two people in the room,” Kris said. “And we almost don’t what to do with ourselves. I kept looking for a close to hide in, somewhere to go.”

Ultimately, though, she thinks it’s very sweet and just indicative that they’re still in that honeymoon stage. She also credited Travis with coming up with the proposal idea all on his own, though she said he did ask her permission first, calling him “a sweetheart.”

While she stayed out of the proposal planning, leaving that to the Blink-182 drummer, do we really think the momager of century is really going to let Kourtney’s first-ever wedding go off without offering some input? Hulu is waiting!

Kris wasn’t the only one who dressed up for the show, with both Ellen and tWitch coming out as future versions of themselves to celebrate that this will be the final Halloween episode before “Ellen” wraps for good.

Ellen showed up as Future Ellen 20 years down the road, while tWitch jumped ahead 40.

Ellen showed up in her “Porsche scooter,” taking the ramp up to her chair. She had booze on standby and the “Feud” airing round the clock right in front of her. She was ready for anything! Her chair was even transformed into one of those Power Lift Recliners for the show.

As for tWitch, Ellen teased his reveal, letting him come up from the audience in very impressive “old man” makeup where he– well, he didn’t exactly dance but he made his way to the DJ booth.

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