Grey's Anatomy's Isaiah Washington Claims Ellen Pompeo Was Paid to Stay Quiet About 'Toxic' Patrick Dempsey

Washington alleged that Pompeo “took $5million under the table.”

“Grey’s Anatomy” alum Isaiah Washington has claimed his former co-star Ellen Pompeo was paid to keep quiet about Patrick Dempsey’s behavior on set.

In a recent interview with radio host Tavis Smiley on his podcast, the 58-year-old actor — who starred as Dr. Preston Burke on the series — made several allegations about what he claimed went down behind the scenes during his time on the ABC medical drama, which he described as “toxic.”

According to Washington, per Us Weekly, there was “an agenda to cover up for the toxic and bad behavior of many of [his] former castmates on that show,” saying Dempsey was the person who was at the “top of that.”

In fact, Washington alleged that Pompeo “took $5 million under the table” at the height of the #MeToo movement “to not tell the world how toxic and nasty Patrick Dempsey really was.”

TooFab has reached out to reps for Pompeo and Dempsey.

While speaking with Smiley, Washington also claimed Pompeo was “unnerved” by her co-stars’ success, admitting that he wasn’t surprised by her recent comments about Denzel Washington (no relation).

On an episode of her “Tell Me” podcast last month, Pompeo detailed a nasty fight she said she had with Denzel when he guest directed an episode of “Grey’s.”

After exclaiming that Denzel “doesn’t know s— about directing TV,” she then claimed they went head-to-head after she told another actor to perform his lines differently. “Denzel went ham on my ass,” she said. “He was like, ‘I’m the director! Don’t you tell him what to do!’ I was like, ‘Listen, motherf—–, this is my show! This is my set! Who are you telling — You barely even know where the bathroom is!'”

Isaiah continued: “She couldn’t believe that everybody was more interested in me and Sandra [Oh] and everybody else than her,” he said. “So I am not shocked that she said what she said [about Denzel]. She really thinks that she’s cool with Black people like that, but she’s not.”

Meanwhile, as for other allegations he made about Dempsey, Isaiah claimed that his former co-star “was called Pilot Poison” and “no one wanted him on the show. They wanted Rob Lowe.”

He also recalled an alleged conversation he had with Dempsey, in which he described white men “as masters of the universe.”

“He was not a nice guy from Day 1,” Washington said, “But he liked me and once I had a conversation with him, he said, ‘Isaiah, do you know that white men are the masters of the universe?’ And I said, ‘You really believe that?’ And he said, ‘Absolutely.'”

Washington was fired from “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2007 after he allegedly referred to his then co-star T.R. Knight as the F-word during an argument with Dempsey. He has denied ever calling Knight the homophobic slur.

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