Christina Ricci and Mark Hampton Are Newlyweds Just Two Months After Revealing Pregnancy

The couple surprised fans with their latest joyous news on Instagram.

It’s been a busy few months for Christina Ricci and her boyfriend, hairstylist Mark Hampton. It was just two months ago that Ricci revealed that she and Hampton were pregnant and now they can add newlyweds to that list of 2021 accomplishments.

Both Ricci and Hampton shared the news with a joint posting to their respective Instagram accounts. Sharing the same picture of the two smiling together, with Ricci holding what appears to be a bouquet while surrounded by flowers, she captioned her post simply, “Mr. and Mrs.” with a series of emojis.

Sharing the same picture, Hampton eliminated the slim possibility of any misunderstandings by dropping a hashtag as his picture caption, writing, “#justmarried” followed by a series of his own emojis.

It’s not clear if they’re in a reception hall, a flower shop or somewhere else in the picture. Both appear to be wearing nicely collared shirts, so it’s not a traditional wedding dress image we might have anticipated to accompany such an announcement.

It could be, though, that the couple went with this elegant look, with Ricci forgoing the expected traditional white dress as this is not her first wedding. She is 15 months from her divorce filing from ex-husband James Heerdegen, with whom she shares one child, Freddie.

In August of this year, Ricci and Hampton did the dual announcement thing to reveal their upcoming child, sharing an ultrasound image of their baby. No further details have been provided by the couple about the child, and this weekend’s shot did not provide any hints, either.

What it did prove, though, is that it is possible to carry that new mother glow right alongside that new bride glow, and both looked stunning on Ricci as the happy couple enters this new chapter in their lives. Congratulations to both of them on both counts!

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