CHR condemns intimidation of striking teachers

The Centre for Human Rights (CHR) yesterday condemned the continuous threats against striking teachers and principals by government politicians. During the various phases of the strike, the government had tried to mobilise mobs, often pretending to be parents, to intimidate the strikers.

CHR Executive Director Surangi Ariyawansha said that those threats violate the provisions of the Constitution. Commenting on media revelations that mobs,backed by Ministers, have been calling principals and teachers, to force them to come to school on October 21, she said that such actions had set a dangerous precedent.

“Principals and teachers boycotted online teaching for close to 100 days demanding the resolution of a long standing salary issue. The government initially attempted to quell union action by using quarantine regulations. Later these tactics have devolved into direct intimidation,” she said. (RK)

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