Brandi-Denise Fallout Detailed In Housewives Tell-All, As Rinna Makes New Claim That Shocks Andy

“Why did no one tell me that?! Or mention it at the reunion?!”

With the release of a new Housewives tell-all comes new details and a rehashing of one of the franchise’s most recent — and headline-generating — sagas: Brandi Glanville’s claims she and Denise Richards had a secret, sexual relationship.

“Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives From the People Who Lived It” by Dave Quinn paints an extremely thorough picture of every single franchise of the series, with first-hand accounts from most of the housewives themselves, Andy Cohen, producers, network executives, casting directors and more.

In the segment of the book about “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the Denise drama takes up quite a few pages. In case you missed all of Season 10, Brandi claimed she hooked up with Richards believing she and her husband had an understanding — but was then told he could never find out. Denise denied Glanville’s allegations, which then caused her to fall out with the rest of the cast, who believed Richards was lying. She then quit the show.

“What happened with Denise and I happened — it f—ing happened,” Brandi says in the book. “She kept me quiet for seven months. Her entire career was built on being sexual, she is a sex bomb. And now all of a sudden, you’re motherf—ing Saint Teresa?”

Claiming she was ghosted by Denise after they hooked up, Brandi believes Richards only started talking to her again when she realized Glanville would be filming for Season 10. Her alleged attempts to silence Glanville didn’t work, however, and Brandi spilled to Kim Richards, before bringing it all up again on-camera in front of Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp.

Producer Chris Cullen said that while Brandi has been labeled a “liar” by Denise and many of her critics, they went back through all of Glanville’s past footage from the show and “really couldn’t find an example where Brandi lied.” Though he admitted some of her claims slightly missed the mark, they had no evidence she was a straight up liar.

The allegations finally came out in front of Denise herself when the group took a trip to Rome, just days after Kyle and Teddi found out. Kyle acknowledged that a good chunk of the show’s fandom “got mad” at them for airing the allegations — but added, “imagine if they saw that scene with Brandi telling Teddi and me, and then we just totally dropped it. They would be furious!”

Both Kyle and Teddi reiterated that it wasn’t an issue for them whether Brandi and Denise hooked up, it was more that they felt it was another example of Denise not being honest with them.

“We encouraged Denise to have a moment with Brandi. We did not ambush her,” said producer Alex Baskin, referring to a party Richards bailed on after learning Glanville would be there. “We can’t always tell the cast everything, but we don’t want to lie to them … and Denise was advised — poorly, in our view — that she just shouldn’t show up. Then she went dark on us.”

Lisa Rinna then dropped another wild allegation about Richards.

“At BravoCon, we heard that Denise went out with the RHOC ladies and asked them to sit on her face,” said Rinna — though, it should be noted, no women from “Orange County” backed up this account, despite being interviewed elsewhere in the book. Richards also has not commented.

“Why did no one tell me that?! Or mention it at the reunion?!” exclaimed Andy Cohen after hearing this new bit of gossip. Teddi, however, explained that she felt anything that went down at BravoCon was off-limits. “However you want to live your life off the show, that’s fine,” she added.

The portion about Richards ended with Rinna absolutely railing on her.

“She’s one of the fakest, phoniest people that I’ve ever come across … I have never had anybody lie to me as deeply as Denise has,” said Lisa, who also said it was “bulls—” Denise didn’t even show up at the Season 10 reunion. Erika Jayne added she too wasn’t thrilled about Richards’ absence, with Andy saying he was also “frustrated.”

“Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives From the People Who Lived It” is out now.

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