YouTuber Deletes Channel After Accidentally Posting Outtake Forcing Son to Cry Over Dying Dog

“Act like you’re crying.”

YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne has deleted her channel after accidentally uploading what can only be described as the most cringeworthy video ever.

The 30-year-old “beauty and lifestyle content creator”, who boasted half a million subscribers and another 100k Instagram followers, disappeared from social media after she was caught coaching her 9-year-old son to cry over their dying dog.

The video, titled “We are heartbroken”, has resurfaced on other accounts, drawing waves of backlash against the self-styled Christian single mother vlogger.

The clip shows the end — or what should have been the end — of her 8.5 minute selflie post, sat in her car with her little boy, as she tearfully tells her followers the family pet has been diagnosed with parvovirus, a potentially fatal condition for unvaccinated dogs.

“…can’t wait to bring her home and be part of our family,” she sniffles, as her child whimpers beside her.

“Pray for us. We appreciate it, I love you guys. Bye,” she concludes, reaching for the camera to end the vid… but it doesn’t quite:

She appears to then immediately recover from her visible grief, as she matter-of-factly instructs her son — who actually is visibly upset — to look as if he is crying for the video thumbnail.

“C’mere, come closer for the video, come closer!” she orders the child. “Put your head right here. Act like you’re crying.”

“I am crying!” the child protests. “No mama I’m actually seriously crying.”

But apparently he doesn’t look convincing enough.

“No I know, but go like this,” she says, instructing him to pretend to wipe a tear. “For the video. Put your hand like this. But let them see your mouth. Let them see your mouth!”

She then tries out an alternative pose, pressing her temporarily-distraught face into the side of his head, telling him “look at the camera!”

Finally, she calls it a wrap. “It’s okay! It’s okay, it’s over,” she says, apparently happy with that last shot.

“That is disgraceful,” one commenter wrote on YouTube. “Traumatising the poor kid. Some people don’t deserve to be mothers.”

“God that is horrific – to tell your child who is clearly emotional to ‘act like their crying’ and to not even consider comforting them. She has honestly sunk to a new low,” another wrote. “I get showing your entire life, but to exploit your child like this?”

“This is literally terrifying,” summarized a third.

Before deleting her Instagram account, Cheyenne posted a story apologizing for what she’d done.

“I am absolutely, genuinely horrified and disgusted with myself that I got to a place where I made Christian pose with me for a thumbnail in such an emotional moment rather prioritizing his mental health,” she said.

“It is not okay, it is wrong on so many levels. He will not be in my content moving forward, I am completely restrategizing what to do for the future.”

“I am so incredibly aware that I f–ked up here so bad, I haven’t been able to sleep, I have anxiety, I am so disappointed in myself.”

She later tearfully added that, despite always being open to constructive criticism, she was turning off her DMs because people were doxxing her, sending death threats and “things about Christian that are so past the level of cyberbullying that I’ve ever experienced.”

Cheyenne’s personal website — the “Girl Boss Academy”, in which she taught women how to build and monetize social media postings — has also since been taken down.

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