TNA won’t betray the Tamils, their rights - Sampanthan

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) will not betray the rights of the Tamil people for petty gains or privileges, TNA Leader R. Sampanthan said in a statement on Monday. He pointed out that there are many things to be won on behalf of the Tamil people, and the TNA would be patient and responsible until those are achieved.

He noted the opponents of the TNA have started criticising and humiliating the Party based on various statements by the TNA MPs.“Many assumed that there was a split in the TNA due to a letter sent to the United Nations Human Rights Council. All must understand that the TNA is a political organization that has one policy, one goal. We have no other goal than realising the aspirations of the Tamil people. We all work for a common aim. In this context, I see that some TNA Members have made public statements on various issues recently. Working in a democratic political structure, we respect freedom of expression, but such statements should not disturb the Party’s unity,” Sampanthan stressed.The TNA Leader explained that the Party’s Central Committee Meeting has been postponed due to the health risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Given the present situation in the country, we cannot gather people for meetings. We need to be patient till the situation eases,” he added.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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