TNA members in a quandary over Party’s UNHRC document

Kilinochchi District Parliamentarian S.Sridharan said that many TNA members would not sign the preliminary document to be produced before the UNHRC by the Party as former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon had issued a statement in 2010 accusing both the LTTE and the Army of human rights abuses.

He said the TNA could not agree with some of the recommendations made by the Geneva Human Rights Commission, adding that TNA MPs were strongly critical of Ban Ki-Moon’s statement.

Sridharan also said that the TNA is engaged in politics for the betterment of the Tamil people and in such a background, the TNA is not prepared to accept the humanitarian efforts made by the LTTE for the welfare of the Tamil community to be labelled as war crimes.

He pointed out that accepting it was like inflicting injury to their own eyes.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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