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28 September, 2021

Cancer diagnosis and treatment is a stressful and difficult event in life. Cancer treatment is complex and it must be taken care of by trusted professionals with confidence. However, finding a trusted and the right medical expert can be a challenging task. Addressing this concern, MedExpert offers a great network of world-renowned cancer specialists for patients, individuals or families to gain access to a second opinion on the medical condition. The panel of cancer specialists helps in understanding the cancer condition and offers comprehensive guidance to the patient/user through the difficult time.

Jayomi Lokuliyana, Founder and CEO of Mymed stated that “MedExpert was created to not only help cancer patients with treatment plans but to provide them with moral support and empathy to face the challenge and to improve patients’ odds of success against cancer. The team ensures that the whole process will make the patient’s wish for recovery a reality”.

MedExpert is all about ensuring that the cancer patient receives an optimal treatment plan via the most up-to-date medical advice, therapy inclusive of all the available cutting-edge therapy. The platform will connect the user to medical experts from the US and UK who each has 20+ years of experience treating and managing specific types of cancer. The panel offers confidence and comfort by comprehensively reviewing the submitted medical reports and by addressing all questions/ concerns raised. Besides offering an expert second opinion, MedExpert will also work with local oncologists to successfully carry out the treatment plan ensuring each case will be treated with utmost confidentiality, priority, urgency and patient transparency.

The key services delivered by MedExpert include finding the right medical expert by optimally matching the patient with the right expert based on the patient’s diagnosis, comprehensive case review of the patient’s cancer medical history including current cancer care plan and prescription medications, medical consultation with the medical experts to discuss a treatment plan and future course of action, written expert opinion outlining a recommended treatment plan and follow-up and next step facilitation for enhanced treatment options with newer medication and access to US/UK cancer facilities. – Kushala Silva, Founder of MedExpert.

Anyone who is interested in getting an expert second opinion on your cancer treatment visit: or call on 078 566 4576

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– Sunday Observer Sri Lanka

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