Milk powder to rise by Rs.200 a kilo

An agreement was reached to increase a kilo of milk powder by Rs.200 at a meeting between the milk powder importers and the Co-operative Services, Marketing Development and Consumer Protection State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna on Saturday.

However the final decision with regard to the price hike is to be taken by the Cost of Living Committee within next week.

Milk powder importers have demanded an increase of Rs.350 per kilogram of milk power and both parties have eventually come to an agreement to increase a kilo of milk powder by Rs 200. A kilo of milk powder in the market at present is at Rs.945 and if a kilo of milk powder is increased by Rs.200, it will cost Rs.1,145. Accordingly a 400g of milk powder will also be Rs 458.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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