Hyundai claims to turn the 'flying cars' dream into reality

New Delhi: Gone are the days when flying cars were fantasy. South Korean carmaker Hyundai has claimed that the dream of  flying cars will turn into reality by the next decade. According to reports, the company is building an airport in the direction for flying cars and delivery drones in the UK, which will be the world’s first runway-free airport. 

Flying cars may have been a fantasy in the past, but many companies are working on making it a reality and conducting test flights to make it safe and effective. 

“We believe this is part of the future solution of offering innovative, smart mobility solutions,” said Michael Cole, CEO Hyundai (Europe). Hyundai also showcased its first concept of flying cars at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.

Apart from this, the company is also investing in Urban Air Mobility. “Certainly by the second half of this decade, urban air mobility will provide great opportunities to decongest cities. Be it intra-city mobility in the air or even between cities,” he said.

In addition, Hyundai has pledged to invest about $1.5 billion to help improve urban air mobility by 2015. To boot it, the firm also has an urban air mobility division led by former NASA engineer Jaiwon Shin.

Hyundai is also working on developing a special airport in the UK. The airport will not have a runway and is specifically designed for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL). eVTOL is a common feature of flying cars and drones. The airport will primarily focus on autonomous delivery drones, flying cars and air taxis.

To make this a reality, the company has partnered with a UK-based start-up, Urban-Air Port.

“With the support of the UK Government and the support of the Hyundai Motor Group, we will realize the first fully operational airport in the world. Ricky Sandhu, CEO of the start-up, said, “Until you reach the train station, you cannot get off the train or board the train.


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