Erika Jayne Defends RHOBH Behavior After Snapping at Costars at Dinner Party from Hell

Erika reacts to meme comparing her to Donald Trump and makes it clear she and Sutton are “not friends,” while Kyle denies throwing Stracke under the bus.

Wednesday night’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was one for the record books — and had everyone talking on social media, including the stars themselves.

During the explosive “Dinner Party from Hell: Part 2” episode, Erika Jayne unloaded on her costars are once again finding herself, her divorce and her legal issues at the center of the conversation. She snapped at Sutton Stracke and Dorit Kemsley for questioning her honesty in the situation, while Kyle Richards attempted to hold Sutton accountable for comments she made about Erika when the singer wasn’t around. It was a mess, a mess that spilled over onto Twitter as the hour aired.

Erika was very active online, defending her behavior from viewers.

“God forbid I fight for myself,” she tweeted. “Stop thinking I’ll quit just because you think I should. F— that. Thank you to everyone that is supportive and understanding. I will not be stopped.”

Replying to a viewer who said Erika should focus on “genuinely responding to friends’ questions and concerns” instead of “fighting for yourself,” she said of Sutton, “We’re not ‘friends’ in case you haven’t noticed.”

Another follower criticized Kyle, calling her an “ass—-” for calling out Sutton in front of the group after Sutton “tried to talk to” Erika about her concerns only to be shut down. “Wrong,” Erika responded, “[Sutton] tried to give an early, sanitized version of what she said to Kyle and I wasn’t having it. [Kyle] finally got it out of her at the table. Don’t be fooled.”

When another viewer told Erika “don’t be fooled” because Kyle and Dorit “talked smack” about her behind her back too, Jayne just told fans to stay tuned. “Don’t worry, we’ll get to that,” she said.

Erika also reacted to a meme comparing her facial expressions during the dinner scene to an angry Donald Trump photo, something Erika wasn’t totally offended by. “Not the guy I voted for but yes for spitting venom at absolute bulls—,” she wrote, “I’ll take it.”

While she spent the night responding to haters, she did have a few famous fans in her corner — including both Meghan McCain and Michael Rappaport, who tweeted out their support as the episode aired. Erika clearly appreciated the backup, responding to both of them on her feed.

Then, signing off for the evening, she added: “Someone just sent me some yummy cannolis so goodnight Twitter. Im going to enjoy myself. Y’all dumb bitches with the conspiracy theories will keep at it alll night. Check back in the AM.” So far, she hasn’t tweeted more.

Kyle was also on Twitter as the episode aired, clarifying that she has never considered Erika a liar, despite what some of their costars may believe.

“In tonight’s episode I said to Sutton in her backyard that Erika has never lied to me. Sutton spoke & it overlapped me so you couldn’t hear it well,” she tweeted. “But that is the truth. I have never known [Erika] to be a liar #rhobh”

She also responded to a fan saying she threw Sutton under the bus during the dinner party. “I was referring to things said ON camera that will come out anyway,” Kyle said, defending herself. “I don’t repeat things my friends share in private.”

As for where she and Stracke stand now, she added, “Sutton and I are good.”

New episodes of RHOBH air Wednesdays on Bravo.

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