Big Brother Blowout: Kyland Wants Veto Used on Him, Going Against Cookout Plan

Kyland is starting to aggressively play a solo game, irking members of his own alliance — will they try to take the shot early with him on the Block this week?

There are only nine people left in the House on “Big Brother,” and only three non-Cookout targets this week. Even with Claire secretly usurping Tiffany’s HOH reign, she opted to keep the nominees the same, so Sarah Beth is the obvious target … or is she?

Tiffany has been gunning for Sarah Beth for a long time. She’s a strategic threat to disrupt The Cookout’s Final 6 plan, and she’s a legitimate competition threat as well, especially with the Christians and Derek X’s of the world gone.

Plus, bottom line, this has been the plan all summer. One by one, pick off everyone in the House who isn’t a member of The Cookout. Also part of the plan was Tiffany’s brilliant side duos plan, with each Cookout member pairing up with one of those other Houseguests, so they could be targeted as obvious duos.

The challenge week after week has been when it finally came time for someone to go, their Cookout duo partner struggled to say goodbye. But they’ve always done it, including Hannah saying farewell to Derek X last week.

Now, there are three duos left, with Xavier partnering with Alyssa, Tiffany with Claire and Kyland with Sarah Beth. That’s why Kyland is on the Block this week. It’s always been the plan.

And yet, because Kyland is aggressively thinking about Jury management and the end game, he decided it might be better for his game if he came off the Block. That way he could argue he was never on the Block at the end.

That’s all well and good, but the reason some of The Cookout members were on the Block was because it was part of the plan. Wouldn’t it be more respected to execute such an elaborate plan flawlessly, even if it created moments of personal risk?

The biggest problem for Kyland, though, is that there is no argument he can make that makes any sense beyond selfish reasons for anyone to use the Power of Veto on him. So really, his best bet was to just win it himself.

Always a fun POV competition, this one featured ten images of evicted Houeguests in various high school scenarios that needed to be put in logical chronological order based on details within the pictures.

It’s always a hoot seeing the former Houseguests having fun with the pictures — we imagine these being shot before they leave for good and being a hoot to participate in.

It’s also a great test of attention to detail and hustle. And as we mentioned before, Sarah Beth is a real threat when it comes to mental and physical games. But she wasn’t able to pull off the victory this week, coming in a close second (and just ahead of Kyland, who also faltered).

With Claire a secret HOH, she wasn’t guaranteed to compete, but she did get randomly drawn anyway, giving her a shot to have complete control behind the curtains. But she didn’t get it done.

The other two Houseguests who got to compete alongside the three nominees were Alyssa and Hannah. Alyssa was an absolutely disaster in this, as was Xavier, who surprsied himself with a last-place finish.

That left Hannah, who seemed to have no problem whatsoever quickly picking up the details and getting the images arranged properly. She beat Sarah Beth by more than 20 seconds, coming in just under five minutes for her total time.

And immediately, Kyland started working on her and the rest of the House to try and make everyone cool with Hannah using the Veto on him. He told Sarah Beth he was going to use this leverage to try and save her come eviction night, but there was no way that was true, right?

If Kyland came off, that would leave SB up there with Xavier. Would Kyland really campaign against Xavier? Of course not, as he knows The Cookout would never go with it. So what he’s doing is telling Sarah Beth the best case scenario to try and secure her vote at the end.

He even pitched to Hannah that he could throw a sympathy vote to Sarah Beth on eviction night so she wouldn’t be a unanimous evictee to make her feel better. He already didn’t vote Derek X last week, after voting with the House most of the summer, and he was HOH when Britini went.

So it looks like his plan is to not see the Block and maybe be able to tell everyone in the Jury that he didn’t vote for them. It’s a little slimy, considering the sacrifices the other members of The Cookout have been making for their Top 6 goal. And it’s not going unnoticed.

Kyland may be as oblivious as everyone else in the House has been to just what’s going on, because he’s quickly making the case for being the first member of The Cookout booted just as soon as they can swing it.

Tiffany Mitchell (40) and Hannah Chaddha (21) have begun working more directly together this week, and we are here for it. They have been playing the most consistent games and are huge threats to win this game. Their games are also similar, so establishing a power duo before it’s just The Cookout could be just the thing to help them stay at the top of the pecking order. Grade: A+

Xavier Prather (27) is still playing an incredible game. He has the respect of the House and the respect of The Cookout. He was a disaster in this Veto, but that could actually prove beneficial when The Cookout turns on one another, as he won’t be seen as quite as big a threat right off the bat, even though he totally is. Grade: B+

Azah Awasum (30) remains in that invisible floater position. She’s not won anything, she’s not been nominated. Her resume is a blank piece of paper. That can look pretty tempting to take to the end, but it can also be an easy cut. If she doesn’t start doing something, her fate will be at the whim of whomever is getting it done. Grade: B

Derek Frazier (29) is a huge threat in this game as we start to look toward the finish line (or at least The Cookout has to start thinking about it). His social game is absolutely incredible and almost everyone loves him. At the same time, Tiffany definitely does not, so he could be a quick target for her and Hannah right away. Or a great backup plan if Kyland can save himself. Grade: C+

Kyland Young (30) is digging a hole for himself he may not be able to get out of. We’re not even sure at this point how much Xavier will have his back once Sarah Beth is gone. He’s just playing endgame way too early and too blatantly. This isn’t a House filled with noobs and idiots, and he’s just not that clever of a liar, so they’re seeing right through his stories. They’ll probably stay true to the six, but then he’s in trouble. Grade: C

Alyssa Lopez (25) is the safest of the three remaining non-Cookout members, because she’s seen as the least threatening. And with Claire ineligible to play in the HOH competition next week, Claire is the logical next target after they get SB out of the House this week. We just don’t see anything changing this trajectory. It might seem boring, but it’s all been calculated and strategized so well — including Claire winning secret HOH this week — you have to respect the gameplay! Grade: C-

Claire Renfuss (25) will probably not be too surprised when she winds up on the Block next week, because The Cookout is already plotting who should win HOH to ensure it makes logical sense for her and Tiffany to be targeted. As we said, the layers of chess being played this season to maneuver this secret alliance has been nothing short of astounding. It will be studied for years to come — and no Houseguest will ever trust another again on this show!  Grade: D

Sarah Beth Steagall (28) is done for. The House may think what Kyland is doing is despicable, but not enough to disrupt the gameplan that’s been working flawlessly for weeks and weeks now. The only thing that could really disrupt it would be a crazy HOH win in two weeks. Even a surprise double eviction wouldn’t likely change anything as it seems The Cookout is determined not to turn one one another until everyone else is gone. Grade: D-

“Sorry I overthrew you,” Claire (confirming to Tiffany and Hannah she won Coin of Destiny)“I don’t want you to have to explain anything to anybody.” –Tiffany (trying to convince Claire to pretend Tiffany overthrew her own HOH)“It feels like I’m not really getting the full benefit of being HOH. I want some credit for this. I don’t want this to just be seen as Tiffany’s move.” –Claire (about Tiffany’s plan)“Even anonymously this is the shot people want to take? For what reason?” –Sarah Beth (to Kyland)“Too good.” –Kyland“Don’t flatter ourselves. We’re just not likable.” –Sarah Beth“It’s not about not being likable.” –Kyland“I think it is, Kyland.” –Sarah Beth“You think Baby D wasn’t likable?” –Kyland“No, I do. That’s why I’m sitting here.” –Sarah Beth (referring to being on the Block)“This is hard because Sarah Beth is my best friend and I’m not able to be completely honest with her.” –Kyland“Unless I”m just completely missing something, Unless I”m just completely clueless about what the dynamic in the House is, it just seems like a better game move to go after two people that clearly everybody is targeting when you have a secret HOH.” –Sarah Beth (completely clueless about The Cookout)“I don’t want to screw over Tiffany’s week. But is SB leaving the best person for my game? No.” –Claire (to cameras, preferring Xavier as a target)“I’m gonna hear that buzzer in my sleep.” –Alyssa (struggling during Veto comp)“Aw, Travis. Remember him? ‘Cause I don’t.” –Hannah (during Veto comp)“I’m sad that I didn’t win because I’m competitive and I would have loved to have pulled myself off of the Block, even though I feel beyond confident. So it’s not like it’s safety to me, it’s much more like I don’t want it on my resume to be on the Block on eviction night. I don’t want to pack my bag.” –Kyland“Kyland’s pushing very hard for the Veto to be used on him. He’s really going to try to save SB this week.” –Claire (to Tiffany)“Kyland, you told me to put you up next to Sarah Beth. Now you’re asking to come down. No, shut the f— up, Kyland.” –Tiffany (in diary room)“I want to see about you using the Veto. On me.” –Kyland (to Hannah)“Wait, I’m confused.” –Hannah (not getting it)“When we made the master plan Week 3, we all agreed that we would all be willing to sit next to our person when it comes time for our person to get evicted. So I don’t understand why Kyland isn’t accepting that.” –Hannah

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