Winfield Sports deliver ground-breaking 3D VR Signage during Indian tour of Sri Lanka

Winfield Sports (Pvt) Limited, Sri Lanka’s premier sports branding and marketing organisation with a 22-year pedigree delivered another first and ground-breaking commercial 3D VR (Virtual) signage branding during the recently concluded Indian ODI and T20I Series in Sri Lanka

3D VR was tested successfully during the “Nidahas Trophy” Tri Series in March 2018, and this was first in Cricket globally. Another successful testing was done in Dheradun, India in June 2018 during Bangladesh and Afghanistan series. Soon after an opportunity was given to test at the ICC Women’s T20 WC, Antigua, West Indies in November 2018.

The highlight of their journey thus far has been the International Cricket Council (ICC) appointing Winfield Sports, Sri Lanka as their preferred vendor to deliver 3D Signs for ICC MT20 Qualifiers 2019 in the United Arab Emirates – October to November 2019 at two key International Cricket Stadiums.

This made Winfield Sports the first and only Company in Sri Lanka to be engaged for an assignment of this nature by the ICC. It was a great achievement to be validated by ICC and the project was delivered successfully in compliance with all the strict protocols outlined.

This is a giant step and needless to mention a big feather on their cap. The team comprises of committed and passionate young robotic engineers who settle for nothing but the best. six years of tireless days and nights of research and development (R&D) is the result of presenting a truly and perfect 3D VR technology.

Winfield VR is a home integrated technology and many features being developed to make it a preferred solution for Sponsors and Broadcasters. The continuance to improvise and include other finer points in taking this technology to the next level is now the key focus for the team.

3D VR technology is not limited to Cricket but any other sport including other live or prerecorded events.

3D Virtual Signage is the way forward in this challenging and difficult period and addresses the many limitations presently faced. In implementing 3D VR signs the footprint at the venue is minimal and causes no harm or damage to the grass on the ground, ticking the essential box of being environmentally friendly.

There is no impact due to adverse weather, no danger or hindrance to players and adds immense value to the Ground Right Holders, Broadcasters and Sponsors.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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