Two Teens Face Murder Charges for Street Racing Crash That Killed Tony Baker's Son and Two Friends

Two teens have been arrested in connection to the crash that killed three people.

Hamlet Arseni Aghajanyan, 19, the alleged driver of the gray Kia, has been charged with three counts of murder and one count of reckless driving. The alleged driver of the black Mercedes it was racing against — who is 17-year-old and remains unidentified because they are a minor — is also in custody facing the same charges.

Aghajanyan, a Burbank resident, is being held lieu of $6,000,000, according to Burbank Police Department. He pled not guilty. The other teen meanwhile is being detained at a juvenile detention facility, pending a review of the case by the Los Angeles District Attorney.

“The Burbank Police Department reminds all community members that such reckless acts will not be tolerated,” it said in a statement. “The Burbank Police Department will continue to aggressively enforce traffic laws, including reckless driving, racing, and unsafe speed.”

The case remains under investigation.

Since the crash, Tony Baker has been frequently posting on social media thanking fans for their relentless support.

“People have been applauding me for my strength in these painful streets but the REAL MVP is Cerain’s mother,” he shared in one update. “We all know a Mother’s love is next level deep but she has been amazing moving through this nightmare.”

Meanwhile a petition he shared to clamp down on illegal street racing in Burbank is on the brink of 110,000 signatures.

Tony Baker’s son and two others were killed in a tragic three-vehicle car accident on Wednesday in Los Angeles, according to police reports.

The comedian and “Whiplash” actor’s 21-year-old son, Cerain Anthony Raekwon Baker, along with Jaiden Johnson, 20, and Natalee Moghaddam, 19, were declared dead at the scene after being ejected from a Volkswagen when a Kia crashed into it, resulting in a fiery wreck. The Kia was allegedly street racing a Mercedes, which also crashed.

“The preliminary investigation has revealed that the Kia and MercedesBenz were traveling northbound on Glenoaks Boulevard at a high rate of speed for several blocks and appeared to be racing,” Sgt. Emil Brimway of the Burbank Police Department said in a statment. “The Volkswagen was attempting to negotiate a left turn from southbound Glenoaks Boulevard to eastbound Andover Drive, when the traffic collision occurred.”

The occupants of both the Kia and Mercedes survived. One of the cars was “partially broken in half,” per police.

“In my 19-year-career, I haven’t seen anything like this, personally,” Brimway told ABC7. “Not to this magnitude and this level of debris over a two-city block span.”

“We recently put out a public service announcement about speeding and street racing and how it is illegal and dangerous,” he added in his original statement. “We also do targeted enforcement with our traffic bureau, as well as our patrol officers, on a regular basis.”

In an interview with NBC7, Baker said, “It feels like it’s not real. We get waves of grief. We sob uncontrollably. Then it’s back to regular conversation.”

A vigil was held with family and friends at the scene of the crash on Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, fans took to Twitter to send condolences and words of support to Baker.

“If you’ve ever belly laughed at an animal voiceover video, it’s probably thanks to Tony Baker,” one wrote. “There’s a report that his son died in a tragic car accident last night. Tony kept a lot of people laughing last year when we needed it most. My prayers are for him and his son.”

Another shared, “Please send some prayers up for comedian Tony Baker. I can’t even imagine what he’s feeling right now.”

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