Ramesh launches ‘RASHTODAY’ website

Award-winning journalist Ramesh Uvais who has played multiple roles in the English newspaper sphere, has launched his comprehensive website ‘www.rashtoday.lk’ focusing on life and arts yesterday.

Ramesh who has proven his prowess in a career spanning 25 years in the media, says this website would come as a solace to general readers, fans, arts and life enthusiasts and especially the youth who yearn for wholesome and inspiring media content.

“At a time when the heartless Covid pandemic is threatening the entire world, people are seeking cyberspace platforms for news and other updates for infotainment. This trend is going to increase tremendously in the near future. With this in mind, I designed this website structure to dish out pure entertainment and infotainment while it will also focus on lifestyle features. ‘www.rashtoday.lk’ is a one-stop online hub that belongs to everyone engaged in the spheres of cinema, television, theatre, music, dance, literature, art, in addition to fashion and events. We will also promote human values and positive thinking inspiring the entire humankind. A humour section will be another novelty. Special focus will be given to youth talent and those silently playing major roles behind the scene. The wholesome content will be family-friendly and meaningful while affording a level playing field to all stakeholders involved in all forms of arts,” said Ramesh.

from daily news sri lanka

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