Onam 2021: Best mouth-watering dishes from the grand Onam Sadhya feast you must try

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The festival of harvest ‘Onam’ is celebrated every year in Kerala and by the Malayalee community across the world. According to the Gregorian calendar, the celebration is marked in the Chingam month on the 22nd Nakshatra Thiruvonam that comes in August and September. The celebrations start on Atham Day and go on for ten days till Thiruvonam day which is considered as the festival’s most auspicious day.This year, the festivities of Onam has started yesterday, 12 August and will end on 23 August. While the main celebrations will take place on 21 August. 

Onam Sadhya, which in Malayalam means ‘banquet’ is a sensational multi-course vegetarian meal that features over 26 dishes on a banana leaf.  Onam Sadhya is enjoyed without any cutlery and is usually eaten while sitting on the floor. Here’s a look at the 26 food items that you should definitely try during the festival.

1. Pappadam

No Onam Sadhya is complete without these pappads made from rice flour.

2. Upperi

Perhaps the most beloved item on this list, banana chips are served by the handful before the other 25 dishes.

3. Sharkara Varatti

This sweeter version of banana chips is made out of jaggery and though the sweet made be hard to eat, it will certainly leave you wanting more.

4. Inji Curry

Inji curry is made from ginger, tamarind and jaggery. In most Malayali households, this is the first thing that is prepared in the days leading to the 10th day of Onam.

5. Mango Curry

This mango pickle will add a spicy kick to your meal.

6. Naranga Curry

Of the two types of pickles served at Onam Sadhya, this sour lemon pickle will certainly add some zest to your meal.

7. Pachadi

Another yogurt-based dish for the feast, this is a curry made with either pineapple or bitter gourd, and grated coconut.

8. Olan

This is made with ash gourd and red beans splashed with a generous amount of hand-pressed, authentic coconut milk.

9. Ellisheri

This dish includes pumpkin, red beans, and a generous amount of grated coconut.

10. Avial

An often-ignored dish on this occasion, Avial is one of the best mixed vegetable dishes. It is made by mixing vegetable with grated coconut and is cooked in coconut oil and milk.

11. Thoran

Thoran can be made from any vegetable and is a staple in every Malayali household. Usually, it is made with cabbage and carrots or just beans with grated coconut.

12. Chor

Rice is an essential part of Onam Sadhya but on this occasion, most Malayalis serve red rice.

13. Parripu Curry

For this dish, plain moong dal is topped with ghee, red chillies, and black sesame seeds.

14. Chenna Mezhkkupuratti

For this dish, yam is cut into thin slices, boiled with spices and fried in coconut oil.

15. Sambhar

An essential dish for the feast, each family has their own recipe for Sambhar. It is cooked with every vegetable there is, from beans to potatoes to yam.

16. Pulissery

Made with curd and a vegetable of your choice ranging from pumpkin to cucumber and topped with a gracious amount of grated coconut.

17. Kaalan

This signature Onam Sadhya dish is made with yogurt, yam or raw banana and grated coconut.

18. Morru Kachiyatha

If you are a Malayali, this is definitely a part of your comfort food. It is made by boiling yogurt to perfection with black sesame seeds, shallots, ginger, and garlic.

19. Kichadi

Another delicious dish is this one made using spicy yogurt and your choice of vegetable. It can be okra, cucumber, or even bitter gourd.

20. Rasam

Eaten as a rice accompaniment, this can also be drunk to aid in digestion. It is made with spicy tamarind soup, sprinkled with a generous amount of curry leaves, mustard and tomatoes.

21. Kootu Curry

The ingredients in this might surprise you, it is made with raw bananas, black chana and grated coconut made into a dry curry.

22. Neyy

Usually known as ghee in Hindi, a spoonful of this is poured over the rice and parripu to give it an extra flavour.

23. Inji Thayir

This delicious dish is made using loads of thinly sliced ginger mixed with yogurt, black sesame seeds and spices.

24. Poovan Pazham

This includes the smaller version of bananas. When mashed together, it goes exceptionally well with Payasam, and pappadam can be thrown into the mix for that extra crunch.

25. Palada Pradhaman

A sweet dish made with milk, dry fruits, and rice ada is the last thing to be served as it helps in counteracting the spices.

26. Pazham Pradhaman

This delicacy includes Rice ada, cashew nuts, thinly sliced coconut pieces and jaggery. And for the right way to enjoy this refer to Poovan Pazham.


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