Navy seizes Kerala cannabis and dried turmeric

A special operation conducted by the Navy in seas off Thondamanaru on Thursday led to the seizure of about 168Kg and 750g of Kerala cannabis. The street value of the seized stock of Kerala cannabis is believed to be over Rs.50 million. Three suspects were also arrested together with a dinghy used to smuggle the items.

The Fast Attack Craft P 432 and P 484 of the 04th Fast Attack Craft Flotilla (4 FAF) attached to the Northern Naval Command with Inshore Patrol Craft P 177, Z 196, P 015, P 112, and Z 183, were engaged in this special operation. The suspicious dinghy was spotted in the Thondamanaru seas.

The suspects aboard the dinghy attempted to throw several sacks of Kerala cannabis overboard noticing the approaching Navy units. As such, the Navy intercepted the dinghy and took three suspects aboard into naval custody.

In another special operation conducted by a team of Rapid Action Boat Squadron attached to the Northwestern Naval Command by means of Inshore Patrol Craft Z 130 and Z 230, covering the sea and beach areas of Ippantivu in Kalpitiya, three suspects were apprehended. Navy searching a suspicious dinghy at the Ippantivu Lagoon detected about 650Kg of dried turmeric (in 21 sacks) attempted to be smuggled in by the suspects.

The three suspects apprehended during the operation in Thondamanaru are residents of Silawathura and Mamunei. The accused along with the stock of Kerala cannabis and the dinghy were handed over to the Kankasanthurai Police. Meanwhile, the three suspects held with the stock of dried turmeric were handed over to the Customs Preventive Office in Sinnapadu, along with the consignment of contraband.


by dailynews sri lanka

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